How to Book/FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Short Term Apartments Rental

1 - How do I book and pay?
Search apartment by type or location. Select the best fit to your needs and budget.

Submit reservation booking form online.

Within a maximum of 2 working days, we will contact you for availability confirmation. If confirmed, we will send you the invoice by email. If not, we will propose alternative option.

Pay reservation deposit via bank wire or Western Union Money Transfer (minimum 25% of the total amount of your stay while the percentage to be paid in advance can vary based on the length of the stay and how far in advance the booking is confirmed; certain apartments may require full payment upfront). The reservation will be confirmed and the apartment will be kept for you once the total reservation payment is received.

You will be sent rental voucher with full address and contact details of the property, and instructions about how to arrive. Balance and security deposit are to be paid in cash upon your arrival at the property. Enjoy your trip! Write a review for the apartment and our service.

2 - How long shall I wait for your reply?
Under normal conditions we reply to requests within 48 hours if we receive them during working hours. We respond to every email. To avoid our emails from getting moved to your spam folder, make sure to add to your "approved sender list" or "white list". You can also add us to your "address book". If you do not get a reply from us within 2 working days, we may not have been able to reach you, so contact us again.

3 - Is there a minimum length for the short term apartment rental?
The exact minimum stay requirement is specified in the description of each property and varies, but a 3 night stay is minimal in general.

4 - When is the reservation confirmed?
As soon as we receive your reservation deposit, we will send you confirmation rental voucher. In the event that an advance payment is not processed for any reason, we will immediately contact you to let you know and resolve the problem. After several failed attempts to receive the payment, your confirmation invoice will be deemed as cancellations.

5 - Shall you reimburse me the reservation payment if I cancel?
No, the money received as reservation cannot be reimbursed for any reason. Please verify and confirm your booking dates before making the reservation, since your reservation is only valid for the dates you schedule. Provided you decide to change the previously made reservation dates, deposits related to those reservation dates will not be refunded. If the guest wishes to make a new reservation, a new payment will have to be made.

6 - Which are the payment methods accepted?
Upon your arrival, we shall meet you at the apartment. The full balance must be done along with the security deposit. All these payments must be made in CASH in US dollars, Euros or Chinese RMB only. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

7 - What is the security deposit for?
The guest must hand in a given amount of money that will be returned upon the termination of the contract, provided the apartment is in good repair and free of damages. WE WILL REFUSE ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY IF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT IS NOT PAID AT THE TIME OF ARRIVAL.

8 - How much is the security deposit?
The amount of the security deposit can vary and it is based on the length of your stay and the specific apartment booked. The exact amount is specified in the description of the property or invoice. The minimum is $300 USD.

9 - If the length of the tenancy is shorter, shall I be reimbursed?
No, payments for accommodation are non-refundable. If you decide to shorten the length of your stay, previously made payments will not be refunded. We strongly advise all tenants to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal cover. We do not offer cancellation insurance. We can not accept liability for any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained by tenants.

10 - Which expenses are included in the published rates?
They may vary based on the length of your stay and the specific apartment booked. Please check expense descriptions in the chosen apartment.

11 - How are the apartments equipped?
All our apartments have fully equipped kitchens with microwave, fridge and basic kitchenware. The bedrooms and bathrooms have linen and towels and the apartments have cable TV. Please check corresponding descriptions in the chosen apartment.

12 - Are pets allowed in the apartments?
Generally no, but you can still ask upon booking. You are obliged to advise us at the time of booking if you are bringing any pets with you and you should communicate numbers and size. Pets are admitted only under request. It is compulsory for the guests to supervise pets within the communal areas of the accommodation. Pets are not permitted in many of the apartments we present; please make sure to specify that you are looking for a "Pet Friendly" apartment when making your reservation. Not authorized pets authorize us to terminate both guests' occupancy of the dwelling and reservation. The guests will also forfeit all rent and may be charged cleaning fee.

13 - Is there age requirement for renting the apartment?
There must be at least one individual over 18 years of age who will occupy the property during the entire stay or reservation must be signed and authorized by a parent or legal guardian who will share responsibility for all costs, damages, etc.

14 - Do you arrange airport pick-up?
If you book certain apartments or reach certain days of booking, a free pick-up from airport or train station may be arranged. Others can be arranged at a supplement fee. Please check corresponding descriptions in the chosen apartment.

15 - Who will wait for me at the apartment upon my arrival?
This can be either the property owner him/herself, a representative of the owner, a collaborating party or a member of our team. He or she will give you the apartment keys, check the inventory and remain at you disposal for anything you may need during your stay.

16 - Is there a fixed check-in and check-out time?
Unless otherwise specified in the description of the property or invoice, the check-in is at anytime after 2:00pm. However, you must notify us earlier for exact time of arrival. Please note for certain apartments, if you arrive after 9:00 pm, there is additional fee of $20 USD per each check-in (will be specified in the desciption of the property or rental agreement). The check-out is at any time before 12:00 noon.

17 - Who shall I contact in case I have any trouble at the apartment?
Upon your arrival you will be given the contact details of the property owner or manager and of one of the members of our team. If you have any problem during a stay you must notify the property owner or manager immediately. Should the owner or manager not be available, you should contact our staff or Emergency Complaints Number previously provided with the voucher. Homey Shanghai will assist you in all your needs.

18 - What are the advantages of renting short term apartments via HomeyShanghai.Com over staying in hotel?
The short term apartments combine home-style living and the comfort of a hotel by offering increased space, privacy and flexibility. Plus you will save money; HomeyShanghai.Com rentals can equate to a 30%-70% saving on Shanghai hotels of equivalent standard. The fully equipped kitchen allows the guest to prepare meals when desired and save additional money.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Long Term Apartments Rental
1 - How to find apartment through you? What's the procedure?
Submit request form online.

Your request will be sent to independent agencies/agents we connect and processed by them. Within a maximum of 3 working days, they will contact you for prospective apartment(s) matching your needs and budget.

Agencies/agents will make appointments with you to visit the apartment(s). If you would like to rent the apartment, rental contract will be prepared by the agencies/agents. Price, terms and all other details will be contained in the rental contract.

35% of one month's rent shall be made to the agencies/agents as commission on signing rental contract. 3 months rent and a refundable security deposit equaling one month rent is to be paid to landlord when moving in. 3 months rent is due at the end of each quarter.

2 - What is the minimum lease required for long rental apartment?
Most private landlords in Shanghai require minimum 1 year lease. A small percentage of landlords are open to 6 month lease. In the latter case, the rent will be slightly higher. Service apartments are generally more flexible in lease term.

3 - Who shall I contact in case I have any trouble at the apartment?
If you have any problem during a stay you should notify the landlord. Should the landlord not be available, you should contact the agency/agent through which you rent the apartment.

4 - What is the normal price to rent an apartment in Shanghai (long term)?
Location and condition of complex are the main factors deciding apartment rental prices. Apartments in central areas of Shanghai like districts of Huangpu, Jing'an, especially near landmarks are the most expensive. Apartments in core and prime areas of periphery districts are more expensive than the rest of the areas. So are communities where large of number of expatriates reside and international schools are located.
Apartments in newly built residential complexes (built after late 1990s) are more expensive than old complexes. Upscale and international complexes popular among expatriates are significantly higher in price than ordinary local ones.
Most service apartments target high-end corporate clients and are much more expensive (2 -3 times more expensive than an ordinary apartment of equivalent interior standard). Premium service apartments cost something like 2500-10000USD per month in downtown. If you are on a moderate budget, renting an ordinary apartment from a private landlord is the more logical choice.

Core, Prime Areas
@Upscale, international complexes
One bedroom: 8000-12000rmb ($1250- $1900USD)
Two bedrooms: 12000-18000rmb ($1900- $2800USD)
Three bedrooms: 18000-30000rmb ($2800- $4700USD)
@Ordinary, local complexes (new)
One bedroom: 6000-8000rmb ($900-1250USD)
Two bedrooms: 8000-12000rmb ($1250-1900USD)
Three bedrooms: 12000-18000rmb ($1900-$2800USD)
Other Areas
Apartments of equivalent standard but in non core, prime locations are generally 20%-40% lower in rent than above price. Apartments on the outskirts and suburbs can be 50%-70% cheaper.
If the rent is significantly lower than reference price, the apartment must be either in a poor location (far away from metro, next to noisy light rail or contruction site…) or a very old one (maybe with smell and roaches…). Note as well there are very few one bedroom apartments in newly built complexes in Shanghai.

5 - What are the advantages of finding apartments via HomeyShanghai,com over normal agencies/agents?
Most of the real estate agents in Shanghai are migrant workers from backwater parts of China that barely finish middle school and rarely do they speak any English. On the other hand, most international housing agencies in Shanghai target only high-end corporate clients and charge exorbitant prices. Homey Shanghai, however, is committed to dealing with all clients on different budgets in a serious, honest and efficient manner. We only connect with trustworthy local real estate agents. Your request will be valued and processed in timely manner. Our experience and extensive network of contacts guarantee you quick access to the best apartments available for rent that match your requirements, free from the trouble of having to go around and book appointments with different agents in person.